Schools and Colleges

Bangladesh has experienced a mushroom growth of educational institutions during the last two decades. While there has been a huge expansion in the number o educational institutions, the country has deterioration in the quality of education that is being delivered by most of these institutions. Though there has been some visible improvement in the education sector the total education system is still far from satisfactory. Bangladesh Institute of Administration and Management (BIAM) is an associate of the Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Association. BIAM has been engaged in human resource development of the nation in its humble way since its inception in 1992. BIAM Laboratory School is a new initiative of BIAM in the field of education of the country. BIAM Laboratory School is committed to the development of the children so as to enable them to face the challenges of the New Millennium. The first BIAM Laboratory School was established in March 2000 at 63, New Eskaton, Dhaka. The Kishoreganj branch was inaugurated in August 2006 as the 14th Unit. BIAM Laboratory School has 17 branches and BIAM Model School and college has three branches all over the country. From 01 October 2006 all the branches of BIAM Laboratory School and BIAM Model School and College have been handed over to newly formed Quality Education Foundation. Quality Education Foundation is working for the establishment of quality schools in both English and Bangla Medium at upazila and district levels all over Bangladesh. QEF (Quality Education Foundation) has been established under the "Trust Act of 1882" and the "Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulation ordinance 1978" with a commitment to ensure quality and equity in education as well as to reduce disparity between urban and rural areas in the education sector thereby substantializing the philosophy of creating a golden generation to face the challenges of the globalization.

School Administration

The Board of Governors of QUF recruits capable and qualified teaching staff who devotes themselves in ensuring quality education through modern method of teaching and learning. The Chairman of the school always helps the Principal to run the school administration smoothly with his all out supervision and direction. Quality Education Foundation takes constant care of the administration of the school and provides full logistics for the efficient management of the school.


The objectives of our schools are:

To crate a rich, diverse and stimulating environment in which each child can reach his or her full potential and become an independent learner.

  • To create the competency for the future generation we make out curriculum interesting for the pre-school, primary and secondary level. This curriculum includes knowledge about nation, culture, heritage and religious studies. At the same time, international language and world heritage get much importance. We follow the national curriculum in English version of education prescribed by the National Curriculum and Text Book Board ad secondary level and if English version books of Text Book Board at primary level are available we will follow those.
  • To develop physical and mental growth of the students harmoniously we follow many co-curricular programrs suitable to our institution.